AUdio INfusion
 I​ have been doing voice work for 27 years.

I work from my own state of the art Digital recording studio with ISDN  capabilities.

Not every voiceover artist is right for every voiceover job. I really believe it goes beyond just picking the right voice for the right project. 

​The match must be right. When you invest time,money and talent for  your film or video, you usually want it to be the most effective branding vehicle for your project.

I really believe that it can no longer be just a great voice. There are so many voices these days.The voice now must be infused with the emotion, passion and energy of

your product for it stand out and be noticed .

​To effectively drive your project , not just the sound of a good voice needs to utilized but a quantum  injection  of purpose , intent and right sound for your project  is where I come in.

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"make every word Count"

 My Philosophy  in  Voice-over to make every Single Word and Syllable count, never taking away from the Film or Video but Shaping it, drawing 

viewers and listeners in to your project. I really consider every project

a work  of art. I work to  infuse every  Voiceover with meaning and purpose.

I work with the science of audio to add an energy that is completely

synergistic with your video or film.

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